Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Catch up

The kids loved the hot weather we had a couple of weeks ago. Even Punky got in on the sun bathing! We have been busy with lots of visitors, getting the house in tip top shape to show and hopefully sell, yard work, fun and work.
Stan's fishing trip was canceled last weekend, total bummer for him, but I took advantage of having him around for an extra day. We moved a lot of furniture around (thanks to my good friend Rachel that was visiting) and even managed to get a little fishing in with the kids. Blake loved reeling the fish in but Teagan would scream and run away. Of course, I didn't have my camera. I'm having issues with it! I think, actually, it's the battery charger and not my camera.
I'm hoping we have a really good thunder storm!! I'm loving this rainy weather!!! Maybe we'll even make cookies today....I'm sure my thighs would love it.
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Pictures for Mom

Ok Mom, here you go. They aren't very good pics at least I finally got them posted.
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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Sweet spring rain

I love days like today!! The fresh smell of the warm spring rain is awesome. It makes me want to clean and organize everything in my house (which is not something that comes natural to me, hehehe). Days like today recharge my batteries!

We dropped the price on our house by $15,000. We are very serious about selling now. I think dropping the price is a good plan, especially right at the start of buying season. So, to all of our local Hermiston peeps, if you know someone looking to buy a house let us know!

We are also selling our Hiker. It's a great piece of equipment but it is a beast in size and we really don't want to move it. If anyone is interested let me know, they are not cheap but well worth the money.

I hope everyone enjoys this wonderful Tuesday!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Slippin' Away

Once again I haven't been great at posting. It seems like time is just slipping away and with all the great weather who wants to sit at the computer?!

Since our last post; the kids and I traveled down to Klamath to visit my Grandma; we had two sick kiddos for a week; my mom came to Hermiston Mother's Day weekend; we had a fairly successful garage sale; had a really rough experience at the dentist office with Teagan (now she'll have to be sedated); put a fantastic kids pool in the backyard so we could cool off in our 95 degree heat and Stan's parents visited a couple of days ago.

This next week Stan is heading to Idaho on Thursday for a guys fishing weekend. I think he is excited and I am excited for him. He needs a break!! While he is gone my good friend, Rachel, is coming to visit. It will be a great weekend for all.

I will post some pictures of the kids in their pool. They are already tan and have that healthy summer glow. Penelope will be one next month.....WOW.....time really does fly by.