Monday, December 15, 2008

Back in the blogging saddle

Well, here we go. My effort at a real post, the first in months.

The kids are (of course) counting down the days until Christmas. Teagan keeps reminding us that it is not just about presents, however, she would really like her own kitchen, tie shoes and a REAL Goldfish. Blake wants baseball "stuff", especially a catchers helmet and glove and Penelope doesn't have a clue whats going on but she likes to play in the Christmas tree.

We are trying to settle in to our house. It would probably go better if I would stop painting, but I'm not settling on a color I don't like. So, that leaves one option...repaint. I am almost done...just one stretch down the hallway. Then I will finally finish my Christmas shopping. We picked a crazy time to move in...not only are we swamped with holiday things...just moving in and finishing projects has consumed us. Which will lead me into letting everyone know that we are not sending out Christmas cards this year. I decided we would do a Happy New Year (or it may even turn into Happy East) cards. Things are just too busy and I thought it would be one big thing I could cross off my list.

We are really enjoying being back in Klamath. (We do miss our friends in Hermiston) Things seem to be working out really well and I am SO excited that we are not traveling this holiday season.

Stan has been busy with work and things at home. He has put down beautiful wood floors in our house! He is so good at projects he really does great work.

I have been painting and doing lots of Christmas things. I have also been helping coach a basketball team which I am loving! It is so nice to be involved in a hobby/sport that I really enjoy. I am coaching with my old high school coach so it is really a kick!

Ok, well I think that is the best I can do for now. I'll have to work my stamina back up for this serious bloggin' stuff.
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Teagan's Christmas Program

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