Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Answer to prayer!

We had our appointment yesterday in Medford with a specialist to check the baby and the cord. Thankfully, everything went very well!!! There is a 2 vessel cord but there are no other abnormalities or complications. They were double checking the baby's heart (with 2 vessel cords sometimes it can be an issue) and looking for genetic problems. But our baby looks GREAT! The doctor labels it an "isolated incident" which I label a "fluke". They will monitor me and the baby a little closer the rest of the pregnancy and towards the end make sure the baby is growing properly, sometimes babies with this tend to be a little smaller. (I wouldn't mind a little smaller baby, Blake was 8lbs 10oz)
Thank you all for your prayers! God is good!!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Small update

So I have yet to get new pictures and I know our blog is very boring with out them. No one really wants to hear about us they just want to see pics of the kids. I will put new ones up as soon as we get back to Hermiston. (which will probably be in about 10 days)
We would ask that you be praying for us and our pregnancy/baby. We had an U/S on the 20th and discovered there is a two vessel cord (instead of three). We have been instructed not to worry because everything else looked great and sometimes this just happens. We do have an U/S scheduled for monday the 5th with a specialist in Medford so, hopefully, we will know a little more after that.
It looks like we will be staying in Hermiston after all. I will give more detail on that later but I think it's probably the best thing at this point. We are really not up for another move right now and our house hasn't sold (hmm, maybe for a reason). Guess we will just enjoy our friends that we have made there and when it's time to leave God will align everything. Funny how when we get out of the way His plan works out?!?!