Friday, November 16, 2007

Oh My!!

Those were my only and exact words Wednesday morning. I woke up to Teagan at my bedside saying "Mom, Blake tried to pee and it's coming out of the toilet!" So I ran up stairs to see why Blake was crying and nearly broke my neck running into the bathroom. The bathroom floor wasn't just wet, it was flooded!! Blake had tried to use the toilet by himself and put nearly an entire roll of toilet paper in it. Then he continually held the handle down trying to flush it....did I mention this is the upstairs bathroom?!?

So....I scrambled to turn the water off to the toilet and grabbed a plunger. I grabbed every towel upstairs and mopped up. Then when I came back down stairs to get more towels I heard a gushing noise. Not good is all I could think.....and then before my very eyes water started pouring out of one of the can lights in our kitchen downstairs. Oh my gosh....oh my gosh. That was all I could say!!! I grabbed a five gallon bucket from the laundry room and put it on the counter to catch the water pouring from the ceiling. Then called Stan!!!

So this would be the gate blocking off the kids to the upstairs.
This would be the hallway upstairs that had to be torn up because the water ran out of the bathroom into the hall.

And this would be the light (first light on the right) that the water was pouring out of downstairs.

Thankfully, the damage was minor (it could have been much worse!)

Ahh, life with kids :)