Monday, March 31, 2008

Just playing

I downloaded Picasa so I had to play around with it. Thanks Shelly for the tips!
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Nature Boy

His favorite place to the grass

and you gotta check out the airplane overhead!

The Last Few Weeks

We've had some fun activities the last few weeks. Just a quick recap...

a great visit from Stan's sister, Shelly, and her husband, Chris.

a trip down to Klamath Falls to see family and a surprise party for a family friend.

a visit (finally) from my mom and niece and nephew.

a fantastic girl party for Teagan's good friend, Kaylee.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Eyes of a Child

I had to blog some quotes from the kids over the last week. (mainly so that I won't forget what they have said)

Teagan has been saying the sweetest things to me! While painting her nails (is that a love language?) she looks "Mom you're perfect" That was an upgrade because last week when I painted them she said I was "neat".

She did break my heart last night....she got out of bed (again) after she had been told several times to stay in her bed and go to sleep, this is not an uncommon scene at our house as many of you know. So, I went for the spanking spoon (gasp, yes we spank our kids) as I tried to bend her over my knee she yells out "Mommy, your beautiful and special and I don't want you to be mean to me." WHATEVER!! I totally think that was a cheap shot, how I'm I suppose to spank her after that?

Now Blake on the other hand said a not so cute thing. He comes down stairs yesterday after his nap chewing on something. I looked at him and said "Hey pal, watchya chewin' on?"

"A booger" was his calm reply........eewwww! now the final one was a real eye opener for me and Stan. Last week we were watching the girls perform on American Idol. Stan thinks Teagan looks like one of the girls on the show....Teagan was downstairs and he said "Come here and watch this, sweetie, there is a girl on tv that looks like you" Right after he said that Syesha (spelling?) took the stage. Now for those that haven't seen the show Syesha is a beautiful girl but looks nothing like Teagan (she is black with a super cute 'fro) Teagan looked straight at me and said...."Her, momma?!" and she was totally serious.

Wouldn't it be great if everyone could see the world thru the eyes of a child.