Monday, October 16, 2006

Deer Camp 2006

So we made it back from our great hunting trip. Neither one of us shot a deer this year....Stan missed a buck (twice I have to add!) but I hunted for eight days and never saw a buck. Pretty pathetic! The closest thing I saw was the one my 12 year old niece shot. I'm a little bitter that she shot one and I didn't.....but I'm happy for her!
To answer some questions that have come up......the smokehouse is NOT a bbq. It is more like a homemade outhouse. I have to say it is GROSS!! I opted out of many visits to it this year for personal safety issues. Another question has arose over the term "Round Guy" (For those that don't know, I had hats made for all the men that read "Team Round Guy") This term was coined several years ago and is merely an endearing term used to describe the shape of most of the men at camp. My uncle is team captain (his nickname is Lump), however, there are several guys that with a few more burgers and fries and a couple bad years could easily over take this prestige title.

Some worthy pics!

Here are a few random pictures from the last few weeks that I thought were blog worthy. Some are from Teagan's birthday...and one with Oma (Stan's mom). Then Blake just.....being Blake.