Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Stinky blogger

I have decided once again that I am not a good blogger. I want to be. I like other blogs. I read many blogs, too many actually. I have interesting stories and funny quotes to post but I just plain suck at sitting down and blogging. So here I go again....trying to blog. We will see how long it lasts this time.


Cooke family said...

Good! Keep blogging! I'm bad at it too. I like that you call your comments "talk to me's". So I'll talk to you. Cute kids! Meadow has lost 2 teeth so far, and both came out while she was eating! So we haven't had to experience any tearful tooth pulling yet, fortunately! Good job Blake :)

sixwickerts said...

Yay, another person trying to continue blogging!! I am trying to do better this year. Come on girls we of all people know how busy it gets with ooodles of kids, but I love reading everyones blog and keeping up with everyones growing families!! You can do it :)